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Yesplan 30, nov 2023

De update vindt plaats gedurende een periode van enkele weken:

  • Je krijgt een week voor de update een melding in Yesplan met de datum en het uur.
  • Je krijgt na de update opnieuw een melding in Yesplan om te bevestigen dat alles goed verlopen is.


Onderaan deze pagina vind je de release notes voor de bijkomende updates in Yesplan 30.x.


  • Voortaan kan je in de systeemvoorkeuren kiezen welke tijdnotatie je installatie gebruikt: 24-uursnotatie (‘20:30’) of 12-uursnotatie (‘8:30 PM’).
  • Het invoeren van tijden is herwerkt: lees meer over hoe je snel en eenvoudig tijden invoert in Yesplan.
  • Je kan vanaf nu standaardrapporten rechtstreeks in Yesplan kiezen, zonder ze manueel te moeten uploaden. Zie Rapportsjablonen toevoegen voor meer informatie.
  • Je kan in de overzichtspagina van dataviews voortaan zoeken naar een dataview door de Yesplan ID ervan in te geven als zoekopdracht.
  • We hebben de afgelopen maanden een upgrade gedaan van de infrastructuur die door Yesplan gebruikt wordt.


  • The drop-down menu for the parameter “Teams” in report templates is now sorted alphabetically.
  • In “System Settings” > “Events” > “Date Decorations”, you were unable to download an iCalendar file that had been uploaded to Yesplan.
  • In “Reports” > “Read-Only Calendar”, there was no space between the name of the location and the border of the cell. Moreover, the name of an availability was hard to read.
  • Yesplan crashed if a user wasn’t an administrator and accessed a log file in “System Settings” > “Audit” > “Updates” via its URL. From now on, a message appears stating that these users don’t have permission to access the log file in question.
  • Dataviews with many results could fail to load, with a “Busy loading…” message that didn’t disappear. From now on, an error message appears instead.
  • Your installation could run slowly when you copy-pasted events with many bookings of the same resource.

Minor Releases§

Yesplan 30.10§

  • 🐞 Bugfix: a user group administrator wasn’t able to access the list of suspended users in the system settings.
  • 🐞 Bugfix: when adding a user, a user group administrator couldn’t assign the new user to a user group.
  • 🔧 Clicking the “Helpdesk” menu item now opens an intermediate page that automatically redirects the browser to Zendesk.

Yesplan 30.9§

  • ❇️ New: you can now invite users to Yesplan in “System Settings” > “Users” > “Users”:
    • The button to add users is now above the user table, so you don’t have to scroll down anymore.
    • There are separate steps to add a user, assign permissions, and invite the user.
    • When you invite a user, they will receive an email to choose a password.
    • You can filter the user table on the sign-in status: “Not invited yet” or “Never signed in”.
    • You can invite all uninvited users in one go by clicking “Send Invitations…” above the user table.
    • See Adding Users for more information.
  • ✨ Improvement: the list in “System Settings” > “Files” > “Files with External Access” is now paginated.

Yesplan 30.8§

  • ✨ Improvement: Yesplan now has separate log entries for signing in to Yesplan on the one hand, and signing in to the Yesplan App on the other hand. Click “Show All” for a user in the table in “System Settings” > “Audit” > “Users” to see the log.
  • 🐞 Bugfix: in some cases, the dates in the event calendar didn’t appear in chronological order.
  • 🐞 Bugfix (30.7 regression): retrieving a dataview via the API failed because of an error in the export of references.

Yesplan 30.7§

  • ✨ Improvement: in exports from the Dataviews API, some instances of anObject have been replaced by JSON objects that include the reference to the REST API.
  • 🐞 Bugfix: in dataviews for events, Yesplan crashed if you entered a value in a parameter and then clicked the sorting icon for a column.

Yesplan 30.6§

  • 🐞 Bugfix (30.5 regression): the Excel Add-in crashed if you inserted a table with parameter values, closed the Excel Add-in, and then opened it again.
  • 🐞 Bugfix (30.0 regression): it was no longer possible to enter a negative overtime for the field “Reset Overtime Counter” of contracts in the Teamplanner.

Yesplan 30.5§

  • 🐞 Bugfix: if you had zoomed in or zoomed out in your browser window, then it was possible that the event calendar stopped loading new dates when you scrolled down.
  • 🐞 Bugfix: if you didn’t enter a search query in the tasks finder, then you had access to tasks that you didn’t have the “View” permission for.
  • 🔧 This release includes stability improvements.

Yesplan 30.4§

  • ❇️ New: you can now set up an integration with the Universe ticketing system. Read more.
  • ✨ Improvement: in “System Settings” > “Users”, there is now a separate tab for suspended users that replaces the link at the bottom of the page.
  • 🐞 Bugfix: under some conditions, the button “Change Password” remained disabled after filling out a new password in the “Reset Password” form that your reach via the link “Forgot your Password?” on the sign-in page.
  • 🐞 Bugfix: you weren’t able to edit the time in the contract rule “MAX 36 night shifts per 16 weeks ending after 02:00” in “System Settings” > “Teamplanner” > “Contracts” if the night shift started before midnight.

Yesplan 30.3§

  • 🐞 Bugfix: when you filled out a field for a duration in dataviews, then the value was converted to a time if your installation was set to “12-hour time”.
  • 🐞 Bugfix (30.0 regression): in a human resource’s contract, you couldn’t fill out the fields “Reset Overtime Counter” and “Reset Holiday Counter” because the fields expected a time instead of a duration.

Yesplan 30.2§

  • 🐞 Bugfix (30.0 regression): the REST API didn’t escape control characters correctly in the JSON returned for strings.
  • 🐞 Bugfix: in the Themis integration, the box number in Themis wasn’t synchronized with Yesplan.

Yesplan 30.1§

  • ✨ Improvement: in Cevi Export, the export number no longer increases when you preview the export. It now only increases when you actually execute the export.
  • ✨ Improvement: when you set the repetition of an event to “Weekly”, the displayed week in the popover now starts on Monday instead of Sunday.
  • 🐞 Bugfix: in dataviews, you couldn’t close the windows for “Edit Filter” or “Edit Columns” if the filter contained parameters and a condition with the comparator “has a value”.
  • 🐞 Bugfix (30.0 regression): it was no longer possible to access the deprecated Excel integration.