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Getting Started

System Requirements§

Yesplan is a web-based app that is compatible with desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari on both Windows and macOS.

Always use the latest version. Chrome is recommended because of its excellent performances.

Online Learning

Are you a new Yesplan user? Be sure to check out our online learning platform. It explains step by step how to use Yesplan.

Sign Into Yesplan§

Use the URL that was awarded to your organization.


For example:

Sign in with your username (or your email address) and your password. You will receive these details from your Yesplan administrator.


We recommend that you change your password when you sign in for the first time. There are two ways to do this:

  • Via the “Forgot your Password?” link on your installation’s login page.
  • Via your user profile. See User Settings for more information.

What Should I Keep in Mind?§

  • Do not use your browser’s ‘back’ (‘previous page’), ‘forward’ (‘next page’) or ‘refresh’ keys. Always use Yesplan’s menus and buttons to navigate through the app.
  • If Yesplan is loading a page, then a “Busy” notification will appear in the lower right corner (together with an animation that indicates that the page is loading).
  • If the connection with the Yesplan server was broken, an “Offline” notification will appear in the lower right corner. This is usually a temporary malfunction.