You configure Yesplan via the system settings. This part of Yesplan is only available to administrators and can be opened by clicking on “System Settings” on the user’s navigation menu item.

The system settings are broken down into categories; they correspond with the tabs that you see in the system settings window.

  • Users: configuration of users, user groups and permissions in Yesplan.
  • Events: configuration of event characteristics and their inspector.
  • Teams: settings related to the Teamplanner, such as teams, working times and contracts.
  • Resources: configuration of resources, prices, locations and their inspector.
  • Contacts: configuration of contacts and their inspector.
  • Search: the settings of predefined queries.
  • Imports: importing or updating contacts, importing resources and importing events.
  • Files: managing the files that are saved in Yesplan.
  • Integrations: configuration of access to the web API and configuration of integrations with other software.
  • System Preferences: preferences valid for all Yesplan users.
  • Audit: statistics related to the use of Yesplan.

We will discuss each category in detail.