Inspector Tabs

The details of events, resources, resource bookings, contacts and contact bookings can be viewed and edited in Yesplan via the inspectors of these elements. Inspectors have several tabs. Some of the tabs are system tabs and provided by Yesplan. An administrator can add additional tabs that are required for the organization. Tabs can be made visible for a selection of users (see Managing Capabilities in the Permissions Manual).

Tabs can help structure custom data fields or help manage the visibility of these fields.

The tabs are managed under System Settings, by the “Inspector Tabs” section of the corresponding “Events”, “Resources” and “Contacts” tabs.

In the image above you see the screen for managing resource tabs and booked resource tabs. This screen has two lists, in alphabetical order, of the tabs that were created for resources and the tabs that were created for booked resources. We see that three tabs were defined for resources and two tabs were defined for booked resources.

To add tabs, you enter the name of the tab in the input field at the bottom of the list and click on “Add”. Please note that it is not possible to create two tabs with the same name for one kind of element. To rename a tab, double-click on it. Tabs can only be deleted (by clicking on “Remove” in the “Edit” column) if they are not in use by a parameter that determines the visibility of a custom data field.

Please note: new tabs are not visible for users by default. To make the tab visible, you must explicitly give access to users (see Managing Capabilities in the Permissions Manual).