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Yesplan 30, Nov 2023

The update takes place over several weeks:

  • You’ll be given notice of the date and time in Yesplan a week before the update.
  • Afterwards, you’ll receive another notification in Yesplan telling you that the update was successful.


At the bottom of this page, you’ll find the release notes for the additional updates in Yesplan 30.x.


  • From now on, you can select in system preferences which time format is used by your installation: 24-hour time (‘20:30’) or 12-hour time (‘8:30 PM’).
  • We have reviewed the way in which times are entered: read more about how you can enter times quickly and easily in Yesplan.
  • You can now select default reports directly in Yesplan. Manual uploads are no longer necessary. See Adding Report Templates for more information.
  • In the dataviews summary page you can now search for a dataview by entering its Yesplan ID as a query.
  • In recent months, we have performed an upgrade on the infrastructure used by Yesplan.


  • The drop-down menu for the parameter “Teams” in report templates is now sorted alphabetically.
  • In “System Settings” > “Events” > “Date Decorations”, you were unable to download an iCalendar file that had been uploaded to Yesplan.
  • In “Reports” > “Read-only Calendar”, there was no space between the name of the location and the border of the cell. Moreover, the name of an availability was hard to read.
  • Yesplan crashed if a user wasn’t an administrator and accessed a log file in “System Settings” > “Audit” > “Updates” via its URL. From now on, a message appears stating that these users don’t have permission to access the log file in question.
  • Dataviews with many results could fail to load, with a “Busy loading…” message that didn’t disappear. From now on, an error message appears instead.
  • Your installation could run slowly when you copy-pasted events with many bookings of the same resource.

Minor Releases§