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Yesplan 30, Nov 2023

The update takes place over several weeks:

  • You’ll be given notice of the date and time in Yesplan a week before the update.
  • Afterwards, you’ll receive another notification in Yesplan telling you that the update was successful.


At the bottom of this page, you’ll find the release notes for the additional updates in Yesplan 30.x.


  • From now on, you can select in system preferences which time format is used by your installation: 24-hour time (‘20:30’) or 12-hour time (‘8:30 PM’).
  • We have reviewed the way in which times are entered: read more about how you can enter times quickly and easily in Yesplan.
  • You can now select default reports directly in Yesplan. Manual uploads are no longer necessary. See Adding Report Templates for more information.
  • In the dataviews summary page you can now search for a dataview by entering its Yesplan ID as a query.
  • In recent months, we have performed an upgrade on the infrastructure used by Yesplan.


  • The drop-down menu for the parameter “Teams” in report templates is now sorted alphabetically.
  • In “System Settings” > “Events” > “Date Decorations”, you were unable to download an iCalendar file that had been uploaded to Yesplan.
  • In “Reports” > “Read-Only Calendar”, there was no space between the name of the location and the border of the cell. Moreover, the name of an availability was hard to read.
  • Yesplan crashed if a user wasn’t an administrator and accessed a log file in “System Settings” > “Audit” > “Updates” via its URL. From now on, a message appears stating that these users don’t have permission to access the log file in question.
  • Dataviews with many results could fail to load, with a “Busy loading…” message that didn’t disappear. From now on, an error message appears instead.
  • Your installation could run slowly when you copy-pasted events with many bookings of the same resource.

Minor Releases§

Yesplan 30.10§

  • 🐞 Bugfix: a user group administrator wasn’t able to access the list of suspended users in the system settings.
  • 🐞 Bugfix: when adding a user, a user group administrator couldn’t assign the new user to a user group.
  • 🔧 Clicking the “Helpdesk” menu item now opens an intermediate page that automatically redirects the browser to Zendesk.

Yesplan 30.9§

  • ❇️ New: you can now invite users to Yesplan in “System Settings” > “Users” > “Users”:
    • The button to add users is now above the user table, so you don’t have to scroll down anymore.
    • There are separate steps to add a user, assign permissions, and invite the user.
    • When you invite a user, they will receive an email to choose a password.
    • You can filter the user table on the sign-in status: “Not invited yet” or “Never signed in”.
    • You can invite all uninvited users in one go by clicking “Send Invitations…” above the user table.
    • See Adding Users for more information.
  • ✨ Improvement: the list in “System Settings” > “Files” > “Files with External Access” is now paginated.

Yesplan 30.8§

  • ✨ Improvement: Yesplan now has separate log entries for signing in to Yesplan on the one hand, and signing in to the Yesplan App on the other hand. Click “Show All” for a user in the table in “System Settings” > “Audit” > “Users” to see the log.
  • 🐞 Bugfix: in some cases, the dates in the event calendar didn’t appear in chronological order.
  • 🐞 Bugfix (30.7 regression): retrieving a dataview via the API failed because of an error in the export of references.

Yesplan 30.7§

  • ✨ Improvement: in exports from the Dataviews API, some instances of anObject have been replaced by JSON objects that include the reference to the REST API.
  • 🐞 Bugfix: in dataviews for events, Yesplan crashed if you entered a value in a parameter and then clicked the sorting icon for a column.

Yesplan 30.6§

  • 🐞 Bugfix (30.5 regression): the Excel Add-in crashed if you inserted a table with parameter values, closed the Excel Add-in, and then opened it again.
  • 🐞 Bugfix (30.0 regression): it was no longer possible to enter a negative overtime for the field “Reset Overtime Counter” of contracts in the Teamplanner.

Yesplan 30.5§

  • 🐞 Bugfix: if you had zoomed in or zoomed out in your browser window, then it was possible that the event calendar stopped loading new dates when you scrolled down.
  • 🐞 Bugfix: if you didn’t enter a search query in the tasks finder, then you had access to tasks that you didn’t have the “View” permission for.
  • 🔧 This release includes stability improvements.

Yesplan 30.4§

  • ❇️ New: you can now set up an integration with the Universe ticketing system. Read more.
  • ✨ Improvement: in “System Settings” > “Users”, there is now a separate tab for suspended users that replaces the link at the bottom of the page.
  • 🐞 Bugfix: under some conditions, the button “Change Password” remained disabled after filling out a new password in the “Reset Password” form that your reach via the link “Forgot your Password?” on the sign-in page.
  • 🐞 Bugfix: you weren’t able to edit the time in the contract rule “MAX 36 night shifts per 16 weeks ending after 02:00” in “System Settings” > “Teamplanner” > “Contracts” if the night shift started before midnight.

Yesplan 30.3§

  • 🐞 Bugfix: when you filled out a field for a duration in dataviews, then the value was converted to a time if your installation was set to “12-hour time”.
  • 🐞 Bugfix (30.0 regression): in a human resource’s contract, you couldn’t fill out the fields “Reset Overtime Counter” and “Reset Holiday Counter” because the fields expected a time instead of a duration.

Yesplan 30.2§

  • 🐞 Bugfix (30.0 regression): the REST API didn’t escape control characters correctly in the JSON returned for strings.
  • 🐞 Bugfix: in the Themis integration, the box number in Themis wasn’t synchronized with Yesplan.

Yesplan 30.1§

  • ✨ Improvement: in Cevi Export, the export number no longer increases when you preview the export. It now only increases when you actually execute the export.
  • ✨ Improvement: when you set the repetition of an event to “Weekly”, the displayed week in the popover now starts on Monday instead of Sunday.
  • 🐞 Bugfix: in dataviews, you couldn’t close the windows for “Edit Filter” or “Edit Columns” if the filter contained parameters and a condition with the comparator “has a value”.
  • 🐞 Bugfix (30.0 regression): it was no longer possible to access the deprecated Excel integration.