There are two types of finders in Yesplan: a general finder and finders for specific elements (events, resources, contacts and tasks).

In each of the finders, you can enter a query in the search field at the top. The list of results displayed in the finder will be limited to items that match the query. In a specific finder, the results are limited to that specific type. In other words, events cannot be looked up in the contacts finder. Query results can also be filtered so that you are only searching within elements that belong to your own user group.

Specific finders are called up by clicking on the “Search …” menu item of the “Events”, “Resources”, “Contacts” or “Tasks” navigation menu items.

You can search through all elements, regardless of their type, in the general finder. This finder is activated by clicking “Search” in the navigation menu.

In the finders, you can save a query for future use. You do this by clicking on “Saved Queries” then making a query (“Add Query”) or choosing an existing query. The selected query will be performed immediately. You can also customize saved queries via the “Edit” button.