Permission Templates

Permission templates are an important concept when managing permissions in Yesplan (see the Permissions Manual). Permission templates are managed under the “Users” tab, by the “Permission Templates” section.

This screen displays a list of different templates. In the first column, you see the name of the template; the second column contains the possible actions for the templates.

New permission templates are added entering a name for the template in the bottom row and then clicking on the “Add” button. The name of an existing permission template can be changed by double-clicking on it.

Next to the name of the template we see the following capabilities in the second column:

  • Show Permissions: this opens a separate screen where the permissions for this template can be managed (see the Permissions Manual).
  • Remove: for deleting the permission template. Please note that this is only active if no users were awarded this permission template.
  • Duplicate: this makes a copy of the template.