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Contact Yesplan

You are a Yesplan user and…§

❓ You have a question or problem§

Email or click “Help” > “Helpdesk” in Yesplan’s navigation menu.


Yesplan support is manned by one of our Customer Success Managers on business days from 09:00 to 18:00 CET. They are in direct contact with our developers. So don’t hesitate to ask for help through this service.

☎️ You have an urgent problem§

Call the emergency number +44 800 048 89 12 (UK) or +32 470 92 24 11 (rest of Europe).


Only use this number for emergencies that hinder the operation of your organization, e.g. you can’t reach your Yesplan installation, Yesplan freezes or crashes etc.

🧑🏽‍🎓 You want to learn§

Nice! You can do this on our platform for online learning (NL/EN):

  • Ideal for updating your knowledge or training new members of staff.
  • Short training sessions that you can follow in between, with basic and complex topics.
  • Select the training you want to follow and navigate its contents easily.
  • Online, you only need a browser and you don’t have to sign in.

📊 You want to request a report§

Follow the steps on the page requesting reports. These steps also apply if you want to request a change to a report.

💬 You have planned an online session with a Customer Success Manager§

Follow the steps on the page about online meetings. That way, you’re fully prepared and you don’t waste time setting up a connection.

You’re building an integration with Yesplan and…§

🌏 You’re looking for information about the API§

Take a look at the REST API documentation first.

🎟 You’re looking for information about the ticketing API§

You can find it in the documentation for the Generic Ticketing API.

You are not a Yesplan user yet and…§

🧭 You’re looking for information about our company§

It can be found on our Yesplan website.

🖥 You want a demo§

You can request one using this form.