Good to Know§

The following changes influence the way that you use Yesplan:


If you receive notifications via email, you must adjust the filter rules in your email service or email program. They must filter by the word “Updates” rather than “Notification” in the subject of emails.


You can no longer add the comment field to tabs of your choosing in inspectors. If this causes a problem for your current workflow in Yesplan, you can turn on the option “Use the deprecated custom data field tp_comment for resource bookings” under “System Settings” > “System Preferences”. The comment field will once again act like a custom data field, and you can add it to tabs.

Publishing Rosters§

From now on you can make a draft version of rosters in the Teamplanner. Once it is finished, you can publish the rosters for your human resources:


  • The actual times that human resources perform still have to be entered in the Teamplanner.
  • If a human resource is not a Yesplan user, you can still publish his/her roster. They will not have access to the Yesplan App, but they can consult rosters via the iCalendar feed.

The Yesplan App§

The Yesplan App is accessible to Yesplan users via browsers on smartphones, tablets and laptop/desktop computers. The App is currently only available if your organisation uses the Teamplanner. It allows your team members to consult their rosters. You can open the Yesplan App:

In the Yesplan App, you can choose to receive notifications when a roster is published or revoked. For published rosters, you receive notifications:

If you are a Yesplan user and have entered an email address, you can also receive notifications via email.


Diverse Improvements§



System Settings§


Ticketing Integrations§