Creating Day Parts

Day parts can be used as a quick way to schedule shifts, breaks and bookings in predefined slots.

  • Day parts can be established per human resource. Creating or overriding day parts per human resource occurs in the human resource inspector on the “Day Parts” tab.
  • A general definition can also be created by an administrator under system settings. This general definition is applied to all human resources, but can be overridden per human resource.

The definition of day parts is established by defining the day parts for one day and then setting up a repeat. We set up repeats based on two types of blocks: consecutive blocks and periodical blocks.

  1. Periodical blocks support frequently occurring repeats (e.g. every day, every weekday, every first Monday, etc.). These are the easiest to use: you define all day parts for one day then set up the repeat.
  2. If a repeat is more irregular and cannot be set up based on these periodical blocks then you can use consecutive blocks. You define a series of days that are repeated. This enables you to express lots of additional repeats manually.

Every block defines the day parts for a full day and shows them on a timeline. You can add (click on “Add”), delete or edit (click on the timeline of the day part) day parts.


You can add multiple periodical and/or consecutive blocks.

  • Only one block can be applied on the same day.
  • If multiple blocks are applicable on the same day (e.g. if you added an ‘every day’ block and a ‘every Monday’ block) then the block that appears last in the day parts definition (at the bottom) is applicable.
  • Periodical blocks are always given priority over consecutive blocks.