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Yesplan 26.1, Nov 2019

Resource Booking Dataviews§

In Yesplan 26.1 we have altered the name and contents of two columns in the dataview for resource bookings. If you’re already using this dataview, it’s important to understand the impact of these modifications. Below you can see what we have changed exactly.


You will receive a notification in Yesplan once your installation has upgraded. However, the version number in the navigation menu (under “Help”) will remain the same: version 26.

Actual and Planned Number§

  • The dataview for resource bookings can now display the columns “Planned Number” and “Actual Number”:
    • Planned Number: The planned number of booked resources.
    • Actual Number: The actual number of booked resources.


In the dataview, the column for “Actual Number” will only contain a value for a booking under the following conditions:

  • If the booking can contain an actual number.
  • And the actual number has been entered.
  • The “Number” column will now display:
    • The actual number of booked resources if it’s available
    • The planned number of booked resources in all other cases


Before this update of Yesplan, the “Number” column always contained the planned number of booked resources. After this release, this column may also return the actual number of booked resources, which may yield different results in existing dataviews.

Start and End Columns§

The “Start” and “End” columns have been renamed to “Planned Start” and “Planned End” in the resource booking dataview because this is a better representation of their contents. This change won’t impact your existing dataviews.

Yesplan 26§

Read the release notes for Yesplan version 26.