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Publishing Rosters

You can publish rosters from the Teamplanner. Below you’ll find a summary of the advantages and steps to activate this functionality.


Before we introduced the ability to publish rosters, you could draw up a schedule in the Teamplanner. However, your human resources had access to the Teamplanner and they were also informed about every change via the iCalendar feed—even if the schedule wasn’t final. You could create rosters via reports, but this made last-minute roster changes difficult to communicate.

Publishing rosters offers several advantages:

  • The scheduling of a team is drawn up as a draft. The roster planner decides if and when a roster is published. This means that the roster for human resources is displayed starting on a specific date and not earlier.
  • You can communicate rosters via the iCalendar feed and the Yesplan App, which is optimized for browsers on smartphones, tablets and laptop/desktop computers. Employees can view their published rosters there, view events in their roster and stay informed about changes via notifications.
  • You can set notifications by email.
  • You pick the teams to publish rosters for.
  • The Teamplanner counters are adapted to the new situation: you can take unpublished rosters into account or you can ignore them.
  • You can hide the Teamplanner icon in the navigation menu via permission templates. That way, you can ensure that only roster planners have access to the Teamplanner. To consult the rosters, other human resources can use the iCalendar feed and the Yesplan App.


  • You currently can’t enter actual times for performances via the Yesplan App. You still need the Teamplanner for that.
  • Unavailabilities are always displayed in the Teamplanner, iCalendar feed, query language and API. In the Yesplan App, they only appear for human resources after publishing the rosters they appear in.

Step 1 – Teams (Optional)§

We advise you to create teams for the Teamplanner. Teams typically correspond to the diverse departments in your organization. That way, you can easily assign roster planners per team (technicians, catering etc.). You can also structure teams and work with subteams.

Too complicated? Then don’t create teams and assign one roster planner for the entire organization. In that case, he/she will be able to publish the rosters for every human resource in the Teamplanner.


  • You can create teams in “System Settings” > “Teamplanner” > “Teams”.
  • See Managing teams for more information.

Step 2 – Activate Roster Publication§

Activate the publication of rosters in “System Settings” > “Teamplanner” > “Roster Publication”. Once activated, you can do the following:

  • Decide to activate roster publication per team.
  • Assign roster planners.

Step 3 – Roster Planners§

If you assign a roster planner to a team, he/she can publish the rosters of all the human resources in that team and the subteams (if roster publication was activated for these teams).

Does a team not have a roster planner, but roster publication is activated for that team? In that case, Yesplan will automatically publish their rosters for the next seven days on Sunday evening.


  • You can assign roster planners in “System Settings” > “Teamplanner” > “Roster Publication”.
  • See Assigning roster planners for more information.

Step 4 – the Yesplan App§

Are you a roster planner? Then you can publish rosters from the Teamplanner. See Publishing Rosters to learn how to do this.

Once you’ve mastered this, you can communicate to your team members that the rosters are available in the Yesplan App, which is optimized for browsers on smartphones, tablets and laptop/desktop computers.


See The Yesplan App for more information.

Step 5 – Visibility of the Teamplanner (Optional)§

The roster planner publishes the rosters and the human resources consult them in the Yesplan App. Now you can decide to only grant roster planners access to the Teamplanner:

  • Go to “System Settings” > “Users” > “Permission Templates”.
  • Run through each of the templates and, if desired, deselect the checkbox next to “Teamplanner” in the column “Allowed to view”.


  • The visibility of the Teamplanner is added to each permission template and is selected by default. Be sure to run through all the templates.
  • A human resource must be able to view the Teamplanner in order to be assigned as roster planner.
  • You currently can’t enter actual times for performances via the Yesplan App. You still need the Teamplanner for that.

Step 6 – Integrations (Optional)§

Do you use an integration to show the rosters of human resources? Then take into account that the integration isn’t yet familiar with the concept published. To ensure that integrations work correctly, you must filter bookings with the unpublished attribute when requesting them via the REST API.