Editing Parameters

A dataview really becomes handy for users if they can determine the value of certain filters. That way, they can decide for which period they want to see events. You can achieve this by converting a filter into a parameter: parameters are accessible to all users, even if they can’t edit the dataview. You create a parameter as follows:

  1. In the dataview, click the “Edit Filter” button.
  2. Hover the cursor over the filter that you want to turn into a parameter.
  3. Click the button with two brackets { }. It’s to the right of the field for entering the value of a filter.
  4. If desired, enter a new name and a default value for the parameter.

Once the parameter is created, you can adjust or delete it by clicking it and choosing the desired action in the menu.

When users open the dataview, they can enter the parameters by clicking the blue “Fill out Parameters” button.