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List of Scopes

The tables below give a summary of all possible values for the scope of a query, with a description of exactly which elements you query.

Event Scopes§

Scope Description
event All events.
group All event groups.
event_or_group All events and event groups.
production All events and event groups that are a production.

Contact Scopes§

Scope Description
contact All people and organizations as well as the links between both.
person_or_organization All people and organizations, excluding the links.
person All people.
organization All organizations.
contactlink All links between people and organizations.
contactbooking All bookings of people, organizations or the links between both.

Resource Scopes§

Scope Description
resource All resources (including placeholders).
resourceplaceholder All placeholders.
location All locations.
team All teams.
resourcebooking All resource bookings (including placeholders) or locations.

Task Scopes§

Scope Description
task All tasks.
taskgroup All task groups.