Updates allow you to remain informed about changes to items such as events, resources, contacts, tasks and custom data. You can decide to follow all the changes related to an event or to only receive an update if the status of an event changes.


Do you want to stay informed about changes in your Teamplanner roster? See the notifications in the Yesplan App for more information.

Updates Popover§

You reach the Yesplan updates via “Updates” in the navigation menu. You can determine which updates are visible in the popover that appears:


You can consult the entire history of an item (e.g. of an event) via the “History” tab in the inspector.

Setting up Updates§

Yesplan offers two ways to remain informed of changes to items. You can:

Following Items§

The various inspectors in Yesplan have a star icon in the upper right corner.

The Yesplan items below can be followed by clicking on a star:

The disadvantage of this approach is that you receive updates for every change, and there can be a lot of them. That’s why it is also possible to set update rules.


Rules enable you to accurately determine which changes you want to see in the updates. You can set these rules under “User Preferences” > “Updates”. You will find a summary of the existing rules and can add new rules by clicking on “Add rule”.

Setting Rules§

Once you have added a rule, you can set it:

By combining conditions you establish for which items and which changes you want to receive updates, e.g. for:

At the bottom of each rule, you can use a checkbox to determine whether you want to receive updates via email.

!!! warning Attention You will only receive an update if you entered your email address under “User Preferences” > “User Profile” > “Email”.

Changing or Deleting Rules§

Existing rules can be changed by clicking on “Edit” to the right of a rule.