An event created in Yesplan can be linked to Tix. Follow the steps below.


Linking a Single Event§

Note that in Yesplan you can choose which values are forwarded to Tix. If your organization has chosen to use the default values for the link, you can simply follow the steps described for linking events to Tix.

The default values are (for fields that are always forwarded):

Tix event Yesplan event
Name Event name
Start time Displayed start time (first red dot in the timetable)
End time End time shown (second red dot in the timetable)

Create the event in Yesplan and fill in at least the following information:

Then go to the tab “Ticketing” (or to another tab where the custom data was put). To link the event, click on the “Publish event” button. The default values (as described above) are forwarded directly to Tix.


Changing an Event§

If there are changes to one of the linked fields, adjust them as you are used to in Yesplan. The changes are immediately forwarded to Tix. Depending on the settings, the changes will be made in Tix

With the latter option, the ticketing manager will have to verify the changes in Tix, and then transfer them to the system fields where necessary.

Copying an Event§

You can copy events and linked events in Yesplan. However, these new events are not automatically linked with Tix. To link them, click on the “Publish” button. Then follow the instructions in Tix. Make sure to adjust any changed play times as needed.

Deleting or Cancelling an Event§

It is not recommended to remove linked events from Yesplan; you better assign them a certain status (such as “canceled” or the like). The event will also remain linked in this way. The further processing of such an event must also take place in Tix.

Link Multiple Events§

You can forward all events of an event group at once. The “Publish” button also appears at the event group level, indicating the number of events to be forwarded. To do this, go to the “Ticketing” tab (or to the tab on which the publication button is placed), but do this at the level of the event group. The button to forward an event to Tix is a custom data field of the type ‘publication button’. Its visibility depends on the selected profiles, statuses or locations in the configuration, just like for all other custom data fields.

Update Tix Data in Yesplan§

The data you see in Yesplan is retrieved from Tix. The data is automatically retrieved if it has been more than an hour since the ticket stand tab was opened. You can also retrieve the current value using the ‘retrieve’ button.

Every night the data of all active events is retrieved from Tix.

Completed Events§

Events can be ‘closed’ in Tix. This will be reflected in Yesplan with the next nightly update. The status “Closed” will appear at the “Publish” button of a closed event. Once an event has the status “Closed” in Yesplan, it is no longer possible to remove the event from Tix via Yesplan.

Yesplan administrators have the option to break the link with Tix from Yesplan. An administrator receives an extra button “Delete integration data” for such custom data fields. If the link with Tix is broken, all external data placed in Ticketplanic from Yesplan will be removed for that event. However, the event in Tix will not be adjusted, and will therefore continue to exist.

Query Language§

In Yesplan it is possible to search through the search language for events that meet certain criteria related to linking events with Tix. We illustrate this with some examples: